Heard it through the grapevine....

Beautiful grounds! So many displays that inspire creative design ideas for use around the home. Tommy and all the staff are a pleasure to talk and work with. This place rocks!
Kurt White
Tommy & Gage were awesome. Wonderful place.
A Marcie Luttrell
Wide variety of plants. Staff very knowledgeable.
Donna Melchi
Bought a Bonsai tree there, absolutely an amazing experience. Friendly and helpful, His Bonsai trees are beautiful!....very mature trees..please go give them a visit....its amazing. the grounds is awesome too!.... :) will definitely be back...soon ....6 stars!
Tj. Snyman
Giving other nurseries in town a run for their money. Definitely worth stopping by and checking out the excellent selection.
Kristy C
My husband & I stopped by today, this place is incredible! Owner Tom is extremely knowledgeable, inspirational & talented. He welcomed us & took time to show us around. So many gorgeous unique plants of all shapes & sizes. Nice rock & crushed shells too!!! Good prices too. Will definitely be back again soon.
Landscaping, garden supplies, indoor plants, outdoor plants. Lots of fun. Friendly staff. Great selection (especially on succulents, airplants, and hardy plants). Amazing prices! Perfect place for plant lovers. A must visit and revisit type of business! Hauled in 2 baby sunrose plants, licorice plant, madagascar palm, sandrose succulent, and string of pearls!
Winn Winn
Plant Lover
The staff's very helpful wonderful . It's bigger than it looks and they have such a large variety of everything.
Toni Santarelli
So cool! Beautiful setup. PLANTS galore! So much outside too. Loved it! Going back soon:-)
Woman Smiling
Melissa Favuzza
Satellite Beach